Can yoga travel save the world?


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Back before I was Yoga Travel Girl, I had a successful career as Sustainability Barbie. I worked in wildlife conservation and sustainable development because I wanted to make a positive difference in the world.

Unfortunately the fit between bureaucracy and me was less than ideal and I was mostly miserable working in my office setting. The calling to return to the health and wellbeing industry I’d been ignoring became louder and more appealing, and the path became clear for me to transition out of trying to save the world through paperwork and institutions and into saving people from themselves – thereby influencing them to make better decisions about how they view and interact with the world.

Not only has this transition been incredibly rewarding for me on a personal level, it has allowed me to realise that we really can, as just one individual, have a profound positive impact on the world by the choices we make and the actions that we take.

When I initially brainstormed my Wild Sage Wellbeing ideas, I realised that I had all of the skills, tools and talents I needed to create exceptional experiences that would help people learn (or remember) what and how it feels to be deeply connected to themselves, in tune with the world around them and live harmoniously with other beings.  I started running yoga retreats because I knew that these experiences could bridge the gap for disillusioned urban yogis to find their peaceful warrior flow again.

Today I was reminded that there’s a strong link between how we treat ourselves and how we perceive and act towards the world around us. I don’t often talk about my ‘past lives’ (my many pre-Yoga Travel Girl careers) but each and every thing I’ve done in my life has prepared me for the role I now play in facilitating personal healing and transformation.

I’ve been sharing ‘Self-Care Sunday Reminders’ for a few months now on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. At the cusp of the Chinese New Year my post today touched a little on some of the core guiding values that I’m passionate about and that drove me to start my business in self care, with the intention of helping make the world a better place, one enlightened individual at a time.

I do think that Yoga Travel can change the world and if you’d like to find out why read on – or even better, come and join me for a first hand experience! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Self-Care Sunday Reminder: Never stop exploring… It’s how to make the world a better place.

Curiosity and inquiry will take you great places both internally and in the world. Life is a great adventure if you’re willing to explore within yourself and to look with an open heart, mind and eyes around you.

Chances are, if you’re privileged enough to be reading this on your personal mobile device or laptop, you’ve probably got both the intellect and savvy to increase your self awareness, and the financial means to travel.

In my opinion, these two activities combined; travel in places or cultures different from those you were raised in, and the application of self inquiry and reflection, create a human being who is self actualised, open hearted, open minded and compassionate. That’s why my Yoga retreats combine both: self inquiry practices and sustainable travel.

What the world needs now is more humans with not just passion to serve their own needs, but people who bring their talents to the table in the service of creating a healthier, more sustainable and more compassionate world.

We live on a planet with finite resources and infinite diversity that is in crisis on every level. From environmental to social to economic issues we are over using, under caring and applying fear-based, unsustainable, outdated concepts to manage and navigate our lives.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by, or to completely ignore these challenges; especially if you’re an empathetic person or conversely, when they don’t seem to directly impact you.

But, YOU CAN make a positive difference in the simplest of ways. Choosing to be your best self – through constant learning, and applying what you learn by making informed, compassionate choices creates a cascade of positive actions that flows outward from you.

When you come from a position of privilege, you are gifted with the power of choice. The choices you make DO matter. Your life matters. You can have a positive impact on the world.

What ever it is that you’re passionate about, that you dream of doing, that lights your fire or stirs your soul, START IT NOW. You’re doing a disservice to yourself and the world by holding back your unique contribution. As you let your flame shine brighter, so you ignite a light to shine in others around you.

You may never know who you are an inspiration to, it could be just one person or millions. Size doesn’t matter, the impact is the same: hearts touched, lives changed, more positive choices made, the butterfly effect flowing onward and increasing the positive vibration of the planet.

So whether you choose to explore the world as I do through travelling, seeking, learning and teaching, or you have your own path and practice of personal evolution – keep at it; keep exploring, keep delving, keep learning, keep sharing, keep shining and keep believing that you are a gift to this time and this place and this planet.

Because it’s true. We need you. Choose the planet and choose you. 💖

Namaste this Self Care Sunday my wild sages. Go do you. The world needs you.


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