Does it bring you joy?


As I’m slowing my life down a little and my mind is correspondingly easing back into stillness after many months of overdrive and overload, I’m starting to once again hear and listen to the quiet voice of my intuition, and noticing the signs and signals the universe conspires to leave along my path throughout each day.

Today a concept that has crossed my computer screen, not once but twice in the space of a few hours is: ‘KonMari’ or ‘the art of tidying up’, a Japanese method of de-cluttering and organising your life, based in principles of Zen.

Dubbed the ‘life changing magic of tidying up’ by it’s creator Marie Kondo, it’s guiding principle is first asking yourself about any object in your possession ‘Does it bring you joy’? Whilst predominantly a technique for clearing crap out of your closets, it’s a hugely effective concept that can easily be applied to your desk, your relationships and other aspects of your life that have run off track and are feeling stale, cluttered or draining your energy.

Being gently prompted to take stock of what aspects of my life bring me joy – and weed out those that do not today – is a timely reminder of how I’ve let my mind, expectations and ego take over my life and prevent me from living simply, intuitively and…joyfully, for way too long.

So this Mindful Monday I invite you to tune in to your intuition, listen, look and feel for the signs and signals you’re being sent and, whether it’s the clutter on your desk or the off kilter relationship with your boyfriend or BFF, ask yourself ‘does it bring me joy’?

Your instant answer is your truth, and in your own way and in your own time you’ll know how to act accordingly to tidy up your life so that all that remains are the aspects that fill you with joy. You will feel lighter, more spacious and more in line with who you are in the present moment once you allow yourself to let go of that which no longer brings you joy.

Namaste and happy heart-healing, de-cluttering and joy creating KonMari today!



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