An astrological call to action… New moon solar eclipse in Pisces on International Women’s Day


As some of you know I’m an astro-hoe. One of my fave things to read and write about is astrology. It’s been a while since I’ve done an astro post but today I’ve been moved to again. I’m not a qualified astrologer but I do love the metaphorical magic of how celestial energies can link to our life paths, in both subtle and significant ways.

I very rarely share my opinions on global issues or things that are close to me heart but today I think there’s a beautiful conjunction between things that I deeply believe in and I feel it’s a pertinent time to share them.

Today is a significant day. And not just because it’s International Women’s Day. Today there is a profound combination of astrological energies that if you choose to engage with them, can significantly change the trajectory of your life. And if you believe it, and engage with it, possibly change the trajectory of humanity too.

Today is a new moon, a supermoon and tomorrow the sun is eclipsed by the new Pisces moon. How are International Women’s Day and a new super moon solar eclipse related?! And more importantly what does this mean to me… and you?

Where shall I begin!? Maybe with the sign of the times; Pisces. Pisces is the watery final sign of the zodiac. Attributed with the qualities of emotionality, fertility, possibility, permeability, empathy… sound like familiar qualities?

They are deeply tied to the archetypal feminine. These traits empower their bearer with the qualities of empathy, kindness and compassion for others – whether they be human, animal or non-sentient elements.

One of the biggest issues I see with the world today is the lack of application these qualities towards the ‘other’: whether that other be gender, race, animal or mineral.

Within the archetypal power of the feminine lies the responsibility to apply these innate instincts as a duty of care – to our families, our communities, our environments.

Female goddesses from across cultures have been attributed the stewardship and wise, caring, even fierce mothering, protection and guardianship of both family and nature across time. From Gaia to Artemis, Demeter, Dionysus, Pachamama, Freja, Bacchus, Ceres, Diana, Ostara, Durga; the divine feminine has overseen and defended the health, wealth, pleasure and fecundity of our society and environment throughout generations.

New moons signify new beginnings and this new moon in watery Pisces opens a door that offers us the opportunity to step into our innate deeply rooted feminine energies and act as a powerful yet compassionate steward of our world.

The astrological signature of some of the aspects to this new moon – especially that of the wounded healer, Chiron – show us that at this time we have the chance to deeply heal and then finally seal old wounds. The amplified power of the Supermoon (meaning the moon is physically closest to the earth in it’s orbit) deepens the power of the pull or the call means it might be finally time to clear the skeletons out of your closet once and for all so you can begin with a completely fresh wardrobe; free of fear, doubt, shame, guilt or regret – and full of the powerful goddess energies that lie within you.

The planet Ceres also features in the mix. Ceres, the mother goddess of the grain in Roman mythology (i.e. cereal –geddit?!), signifies our connection to the earth as a provider. Without the health of our planet we are without a basis on which to build our material worlds. Is there a way in which you can be kinder in your choices about how you choose to nourish yourself? And be mindful of the sources of your nourishment? From sustainable use of our basic resources of mother oceans, freshwater sources and agricultural exploitation…what is your relationship you have with the earth?

Eclipses are significant as amplifiers, they can both open and close doors. This eclipse is calling you to look within and ask: is there something deep within you that you really care about – and have the passion to fight for? To defend? To put yourself on the line for? To strive for and achieve?

Now is the time to go for it, to let any of your facades or personas fall away and step into being powerfully and authentically you. The universe is fully supporting the healed you to shed your cocoon, spread your wings and soar into heart opening success. Your time to shine is now. Your opportunity is to tap into the divine feminine and choose a path that is at once self-satisfying but also of service to the greater good… of society and/or the planet. In this way as we transform, we bring our communities with us. We make the world a better place by becoming more authentically, yet selflessly ourselves.

Whenever there is opportunity for growth – there is work and challenge to achieve change. I’m all for going with the flow but sometimes we have to embrace the fire to alchemically transform into the next version of ourselves. The Yogis call the process Tapas – the burning off of waste through dedication and commitment in order to shed that which keeps us from truly being our best selves (which for a yogi is true union or ‘yoga’).

So you may find that as you’re called to your destiny it will be hard, you will face challenges and you may butt right up against people that you love and that love you and even people that don’t love you. This is all part of the process and an opportunity to call on some of your divine feminie energy to fiercely, yet empathically defend your beliefs and your families, communities and your place in the world.

So I suppose my musings on the alignment of the stars and their mythological meanings on this important day of celebration of the power and potency of the feminine point to the offering I’d like to open up to you – to ask yourself at this time – How can I behave in a more mindful, compassionate yet powerful way to evolve as an individual and thereby directly influence those around me by example and thus impact positive change in the world?

Even though it’s a misquote, you literally CAN be the change you want to see in the world. And now is an opportune astrological time to allow yourself to evolve in ways that you may have never believed possible before. You are fully backed and supported by the universe to be your most powerful self.

So on International Women’s Day I feel it’s important that you tap into your innate feminine and go spread your wings beautiful butterflies! You have good to share with the world and your transformation will help make it a better place. Do you. That’s why you’re here and the world is waiting for you!

Namaste Goddess Sages!

Here’s to strong women, may we be them, may we know them, may we raise them. We are the stewards charged with making the world a better place.

Amazing image by the artist Caroline Maniere via Mystic Medusa My astro sage and mystical mentor!




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