Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art that combines acupressure, assisted stretching and breathwork to help you find deep relaxation, freedom from pain and emotional harmony.


I was lucky to be introduced to the art of  Thai Massage in Canada in 2003 and since then have practiced and continued my studies in Thailand, Canada and Australia.

Sometimes called ‘lazy man’s yoga’ for the experience of effortless stretching and harmonious breathing,  Thai Massage works not just on the physical body but on the Thai system of ‘Sen’ energy lines to create physical freedom, mental and emotional balance and a sense of deep relaxation.

Thai massage is beneficial for almost all bodies and health conditions and I also specialise in Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy – a place where Thai Massage can offer great releif to a constantly shifting body.

I’m available for private consultations, that can also include Yoga and other healing modalities based on your individual needs.

I’d love to work with you at  Live Well Spa & Wellness Centre. Book online or via phone on 02 6295 0400 and email to

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